Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Inspiration is Like Life

True inspiration is like life. It isn't free. It isn't cheap. It is precious and hard to find. When you find something that inspires you to be better and live better, to grow and to increase, then you need to hold on to it, appreciate it, honor it.

God is my inspiration. He inspires me to grow, to expand, to increase in joy, peace and righteousness. I could murmur and complain. I could say that God is unfair because I cannot speak. But, I say that God is good because I can type. I can write. I can hear. I can see. I can smell. I can taste. I can feel. I can love. I can be loved. I can understand and learn. So what if there's one thing I cannot do. There are a million I can do and do them well.

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