Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To Mothers with Daughters and Parents in General

To the mothers who have daughters:

I look at my daughter and I am filled with joy at the legacy my grandmother began. She raised my mother in church. She didn't force her, but lived a wonderful life in front of her. My mother married as a virgin. Her first husband and son died. Later, she met and married my father. He was her second and last sexual encounter. She gave him children and a full life before she died. My father never remarried. At first because no one measured up. Later because he decided it wasn't worth it. My mother was the picture of a lady of strength, character, charm and love. She was more beautiful inside than out and she was a beautiful lady, even in her older years.

She raised us to have a love for God, to really know Him. Bad things happened to us like everyone else, but my family has a legacy of following Christ and keeping ourselves chaste so that we can take pride in our bodies when we present them to Christ.

My daughter had a couple of falls (and I write this by her permission), but even she stands head and shoulders above her generation in all things and all I can do is thank God for this. She's a wonderful daughter, full of character and inner strength. She swears she gets it from me. I got it from my parents. They got it from theirs.

Mothers, watch carefully the life you live in front of your children, and especially your daughters. You can't get what you don't possess yourself. You'll eventually see you in your child. Be a woman of strength and character.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Online Dating Dangers- Facebook and Myspace

There are always hidden dangers in every corner, no doubt, to the Christian because she/he has made up their minds not to live for this world. Recently, I joined Facebook and it has been a dating danger phenomenon at that place.

I've never ministered to so many confused young ladies, thinking they must find a companion or husband. And it is the Christian ladies that hurt me most. Knowing the Bible, yet they stray away to interact with men who are not at all interested in them as potential mates. They are already married. And young ladies, when a married man is on the prowl, no matter what he says, it is only to make you prey. All you can give him is sex. He's normally not going to leave home. Usually the ones who do are forced out because the wife finds out and runs him out of there. And then what? You, like a fool, will trust him? I guess you'll believe that he'll treat you better than his last wife? HOW FOOLISH! RUN AWAY BEFORE IT GETS STARTED!

I'm a single woman, widowed. I don't interact with men on Facebook on any personal level. What we have to say can be said openly, wall-to-wall or it won't be said at all. Ladies, you have no business chatting with a married man, at all, EVER. You have no business sending personal messages to a married man, at all, EVER. If there's something to say, put it on his wall or talk to his wife. Otherwise, you're setting yourself up to be prey for the devil and a toilet for a man of low values and standards. I won't take that back.