Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life with Meaning

Today's reflection from my heart is about living a life that is full, meaningful and productive for others. I went to see the doctor last week and he took an extra moment just to thank me for all the work I've done with the elderly and the ill patients who do not have family. It meant a lot. I didn't even know he knew about any of those things. It's nice to know my life has meaning not only for me but for others also.

Monday, August 1, 2011

To My Best Facebook Friends

I love bragging on my friends. On Facebook, I've made the kind of friends that makes you want to travel long distances just to meet and hug them once. Today, I want to sincerely thank these women for being a vital part of my life, for praying for me, for always having something encouraging on their walls:

Samantha Richards
Saundra Dalton
Lacresha Hayes
Erica Newton
Sabriena Williams
Debbie Todd
Rita Garcia
Janet Macor
Jannel Hall

I love you all and hopefully one day, I will get the meet those of you I hadn't met already.