Sunday, July 27, 2008

Donna Shepherd, Christian and Children's Author

Donna Shepherd is a very talented inspirational and children's author. Recently, her latest publisher, Living Waters Publishing Company, has been making a huge deal of her new release, Dotty's Topsy Tale.

I did a bit of research, visited her website and blogs, and asked around a bit. Everything I heard about her was wonderful. She's made many friends because of her integrity and caring. To learn more about Donna Shepherd, visit her site at and and To learn more about DOTTYMANIA, the major marketing campaign launched by Living Waters, visit the publisher's blog at

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Dare to Dream" by Carol Jones book review

Recently, I had the pleasure of reviewing a book by Carol Jones. I don't read and review just any kind of book. I like books that lead somewhere, that teach something, that encourage the soul.

Dare to Dream is the kind of book I look for and fill my shelves with. In this book, there is encouragement for sickness, for depression, for fear, for pain, and for disappointment. In this book, there is answers for those who feel alone, rejected, forsaken. If you've ever been hurt and felt alone, this book is one of the richest sources of inspiration I've read recently.

The book is Carol Jones' first work, but I pray sincerely that it won't be her last. I hope to be able to learn much more from this woman who writes life so well!

Inspiration is Like Life

True inspiration is like life. It isn't free. It isn't cheap. It is precious and hard to find. When you find something that inspires you to be better and live better, to grow and to increase, then you need to hold on to it, appreciate it, honor it.

God is my inspiration. He inspires me to grow, to expand, to increase in joy, peace and righteousness. I could murmur and complain. I could say that God is unfair because I cannot speak. But, I say that God is good because I can type. I can write. I can hear. I can see. I can smell. I can taste. I can feel. I can love. I can be loved. I can understand and learn. So what if there's one thing I cannot do. There are a million I can do and do them well.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Comforting Words ~ July 21

There are pains that destroy us, both inside and out. There are other pains that grow us up, showing us the power of perseverance.

Don't allow your pain to destroy you. Choose to grow inspite of anybody's best effort to stop you. God keep you is my prayer.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Heroes

Not very long ago, I had the pleasure of meeting three very intelligent and sweet women: Joyce Anthony, Lacresha Hayes and Erica Newton. My life has not been the same since hearing their testimonies and looking at their lives.

Joyce is an author, a friend, a mother, a wife, and a survivor of abuse. She's friendly, self-sacrificing, and kind. That is so rare today. I've had time to look this woman up all over the net. I frequent her blog, If she gives a recommendation of a book or a person, I can accept it wholeheartedly. I trust her and that's not easy for me to say. She has that something about her that makes her easy to love and easy to lean on. But, what I want is for her to feel comfortable leaning on me. She reminds me of a sister, someone you can laugh and cry with, disagree with, and then live and love for another day.

Lacresha is also an author and also a survivor of abuse. Lacresha and I have a very different relationship. She has become like a daughter to me. In fact, I call on her when I have a problem before I call on my own child. She has the wisdom of an old lady, but she's still young. There is a genuineness to her, sincerity and even naivity (if that is a word) that sticks out and I fear most people attach to her just to use her. Even with all the horrendous things that have befallen her, she somehow still keeps a certain optimism.

We came together to begin focusing on trying to get the government to put more money into free counseling for victims of sexual and physical abuse. She has a drive and energy that is highly contagious. She's always honest, always loving, always willing to pray, always ready with a scripture or two. I love her as if I'd had her, though that would be highly unlikely since I'm white with German roots and she's African American. Still, she is my family because she's proven her love and her willingness to sacrifice.

Then there is Erica, wife to an attorney and also an author. (Maybe God is trying to tell me something with all these author friends I have.) Erica is one of the snappiest people in the world. She has a quick wit. She is a snazzy dresser. She's a mini diva. LOL! I also have come to love her as my own. She has the biggest blue/green eyes you'd ever want to see. And now, she's pregnant with twins.

Erica helped me a lot recently when she and her husband actually flew out to be with me during a legal issue that could have cost my family the house we live in. My husband has been sick and down for awhile, though I've mostly kept that quiet. We were behind on our bills. I never asked. Never spoke a word about it. Erica wrote me and said her husband told her that they needed to come and help me. They did and paid the $1690 necessary for me to keep my house. The day they paid the money was the first time I'd ever laid real eyes on either of them. She adopted me as her mom and writes me every single day.

I had to stop a moment to cry. That is not the kind of thing that happens everyday. Erica means a lot to me because her emails and ultrasound photos and such keep me going. She is like an anti-depressant. She's a ball of love and joy and I'll never be the same now that she's in my life.

These three women are all different, yet they are all the same. They are all more than willing to put themselves aside for others and I feel they should be celebrated. I love them all and I pray that nothing ever separates me from either of them.

Challenges We Must Overcome

Many of you who know me personally know that I am mute. I cannot speak at all, only a grunt or two here and there. Often, when I'm out doing my weekly shopping, people yell at me to do this or that, not realizing that I hear just fine. For some reason, many people think that most mutes cannot hear either, hence the reason they are mute.

My inability to speak is just one more challenge I've had to overcome. It's not the first, won't be the last, and is certainly not the biggest one. I've had to get over being molested by my father. I've had to get beyond being mistreated by my mother. I have face many, many challenges, just like many of you.

We have to learn that challenges are not made to stop us. If we stop everytime we come up against something more difficult than we're used to coming against, then we'd never get anywhere. Challenges make us faster, wiser, better, smarter, stronger. Look at all those people in the special Olympics. I'm sure they had their challenges to even convince people that their lives are not over just because they have some disability or another.

I didn't grow up with a hero or role model. I don't trust easily and almost anything can turn me off from a person. I'm one of those kinds of people who want to hire someone to do a full investigation on a person before I become friends with them. I don't like being hurt. However, as old as I am, I just recently learned a lot from some of the special ladies in my life. They, too, have been through hell and come back. They, too, have suffered what much of the world is in denial about. And like myself, they are survivors! They refuse to stop. So, even when I'd want to stop, they won't let me.

Overcome your challenges. Don't let them overcome you!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Support Structures

When you've been battered or abused in any way, you need to find people who can show you support and give you comfort when you need it most. This is what this blog is all about.