Friday, August 22, 2008

Positive Confessions

I heard a young fellow tell his lady friend that he would be like fine wine and get better with age. It was a delightful thing for him to say. I remember saying the same things when I was his age.

Let's remember the power of positive confessions, even when they seem unrealistic.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Interview with Joe Key, Author of "The Right Man"

I had the pleasure of finishing the book, The Right Man, just last night. I was pleasantly surprised by the crispness of the storyline. I loved the book and plan to do a review soon. However, I have something better for you. I have an interview with the author himself- JOE KEY!


1. Hello Joe. We're happy to have you on the blog today. Please, tell us more about yourself.

I have 15 years of experience in mental health as a counselor. In addition to working in the area of mental health counseling, I have has also worked in the area of Addictive Disorders. As a private practitioner and Licensed Professional Counselor, I have worked with individuals and families treating a variety of problems.

I am 61 years old and have been married to Sandra Key for 34 years and have four children. I was born in Columbia, Louisiana and grew up in Kentucky. I graduated Owensboro, Kentucky High School and graduated from, what was then, Northeast Louisiana University in Monroe, Louisiana, with a Masters in counseling. I also obtained my undergraduate degree at NLU. I began writing, as a lark, in 1998 and have since written 77 novels and a couple of short stories.

2. What inspired you to become a writer?

As I said, it all began as a lark – mostly in answer to a dare by my father. Soon enough, I came to realize I kind of liked it.

3. Tell us more about your sensational novel, The Right Man.

The novel is in the fantasy genre, and involves a man who stands before a group of people and declares that there is no Devil. Later on, he meets the Devil – in person. It traces his metamorphosis from an atheist to an ardent believer.
4. Do you have any other works in the making?

I have completed many other works, but I am not actively writing now.

5. As an author, what messages have you put in your writings?
I have always been fascinated by the conflict between good and evil – and feel that the triumph of Christianity is all there is. My writings reflect an inherent respect for truth and the value of plain speaking.

6. Tell our readers something they would not otherwise know about you.

Since your readers know very little about me to begin with, almost anything I tell you is something they probably didn’t know. The only thing interesting about me is that I can speak several languages.

7. Please, give us contact information for you and purchasing information for your book.

The Right Man can be purchased online at Living Waters Publishing Company, or at, Barnes and Noble, and Borders

Joe, we appreciate your stop by our blog. I look forward to speaking with you again when your new books come out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sad Days Happen? Really?

Sad days happen to everyone: the rich and poor and in between, the cute and ugly and the unspectacular faces. Single people get lonely. Married people feel smothered. Rich people want a real friend. Poor people need money. Sometimes, we are sad because of the weather. Then there are just those days when sadness happens for no apparent reason. But...

I met a woman yesterday, Eufreda was her name. She said that she's not had a single sad day in over 10 years. TEN YEARS!!!! Who doesn't want her secret? I asked. The answer cut my heart into pieces. She simply said, "I got saved and have been full of joy ever since."

After further conversation I discovered something. It wasn't that she didn't wake up on some days and feel sad. It was that she made a conscious choice every single day to not walk according to her feelings, but according to the truth of God's Word. This woman told me that she makes a choice when tears fall from her eyes with or without reason. Her choices were to lose that day to her emotions, or to decide to make the best of day, controlling her feelings with fact.

How many days have I lost because I decided to feel without any management? How many have you lost? Like Eufreda, we can choose not to lose a whole day to emotions. She said she's had sad moments, but never a sad day. Let us learn...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hope Found in Book, "The Rape of Innocence" by Lacresha Hayes

Not very long ago, I started the Lacresha Hayes Fan Club because of the message in her books and articles. Not once have I been disappointed with the effects of the book on readers. Recently, however, the book has taken on a new life of its own. I've been receiving tens and twenties of emails weekly about joining the fan club and meeting Lacresha personally. I even received some testimonies that touched my heart.

This book, The Rape of Innocence, has touched many hundreds of women. It has hope and strength by the tons. Lacresha's gentle approach for victims of all kinds of abuse is priceless. She deals with the hidden areas of battered and sexually abused women, and molested and abandoned children. None of those things are easy subjects to manuever through. But this woman does it with skill and care. She lovingly gives the reader permission that many wait on to hurt, to cry, to be angry, to feel betrayed, to feel anything period. This is what makes her a real hero. She cares!

Lacresha has been giving her books to various women and children shelters across the United States. No need to say, this is very expensive, but most of the people who need this book most cannot afford it. So, we're asking for those who can to help us by purchasing your copy. A portion of all proceeds go toward those that are given away. This is where everyone can play a major role in helping those that much of society has forgotten about.

You can get your autographed copy today at or visit your local bookstore and order it!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Chatting it up with Sabriena Williams

I had the opportunity to interview Sabriena Williams just recently. I enjoyed every bit of it. Now, you can learn more about this fascinating woman.

Me: Hello Sabriena. I'm happy to be interviewing you. Could you tell us more about yourself?

S.W: Hello, Ms. Warren and thank you for this invitation to share. My name is Sabriena Ford-Williams . I am a native of Gainesville, FL. I am an author of two published books, An Inspirational Touch: Embracing the Touch from God, published in 2006, and Wait on the Lord, I say Wait, soon to be released.

Upcoming releases are Poetic Praises, a collection of poetry, short stories and informational pearls; a 2009 calendar titled It's A New Season. Aside from writing books, I am a passionate poet, songwriter, playwright and aspiring Christian gospel play actress. I am the proud parent of two wonderful teenagers, Ja'kya Romea (17) and Je'rod Harvey (14). I have been writing short stories, poetry and plays since grade school. My inspiration to write is to reach a broad audience of believers and non-believers. My prayer is after someone has read my publications, they will be inspired to live their life to the fullest.

Me: Tell us about your latest book.

S.W: Wait on the Lord, I say Wait is a book about a young woman (Shavon) who is struggling with loneliness and petitions God to send her a Christian husband. While patiently waiting for her husband, she is faced with unexpected family issues, chaotic church drama, challenging career demands, and an unsettled spirit. This book will evoke a hearty laugh, move you to tears and then celebration, all the while helping you to evaluate your relationship with God and others. The characters in the book are people everyone can relate to. Everyone will have either a ghetto friend, a holier than thou church member, an overprotective parent, or a best friend who cancels a girlfriend outing. Wait on the Lord , I Say Wait is a sure read for all.

Me: What advice can a Christian woman pull from your book?
S.W: A Christian woman who has positioned herself to wait on the Lord for a husband can surely relate to this book. As most of us know, singleness is suppose to be a time when a woman devotes herself to spending time with God through fellowship, developing a covenant with God and ministry work; but after the church doors are closed and all her family and friends are gone, the single woman must go home alone. For some single women, the spirit of loneliness will try to suffocate her desire to wait. If the woman is not careful, she will allow the enemy to steal her vision of ever being married.

Me: Is there anything you wrote in specifically for me?
S.W: There is no specific message to the male population; however, men can relate to the book because it will show them the other side of women who sincerely want to be a wife. Men will see the sincerity of a woman's relationship with God and others.

Me: Share one thing that brings you comfort when you feel down.
S.W: One thing that brings me comfort when I'm down is to reflect on my past accomplishments. I often reflect on my graduation from college, with honors. I graduated from college while working one full time job, a part-time, being a full-time mother and going through a very emotional divorce from a man I loved for over 18 years. I feel if God helped me through that valley, He will exalt me to a mountain. Hallelujah!

Me: Has writing been a source of comfort and support for you? How?
S.W: Writing for me is very therapeutic. Writing helps me express my inner creative desires. Writing also allows me the opportunity to approach my biggest fears, dream my wildest dreams, and have unshakable faith in the promises of God.

Me: Give the audience a little piece of your heart.
S.W: From my heart, I would like to say to my established and new reading audience that I am very blessed to have you in my corner of faith. I realize that for me to share my gift that God has given me, I must be inspired by God to write. The messages He give to me is for His children to read. I ask for continuous prayers during my faithful walk with God. Purchase my books. Email friends about this blog. I love positive responses from positive people. Please email me any comments you may have at

Me: Give us contact and purchasing information:
S.W: Sabriena Ford-Williams
PO BOX 5973
Gainesville, Fl 32627
Email: or
Book Prices: An Inspirational Touch: Embracing the Touch from God - $10.00 (This book can be purchased via email request- allow 3-7 days for delivery
Wait on the Lord, I Say Wait - visit - $14.95