Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sad Days Happen? Really?

Sad days happen to everyone: the rich and poor and in between, the cute and ugly and the unspectacular faces. Single people get lonely. Married people feel smothered. Rich people want a real friend. Poor people need money. Sometimes, we are sad because of the weather. Then there are just those days when sadness happens for no apparent reason. But...

I met a woman yesterday, Eufreda was her name. She said that she's not had a single sad day in over 10 years. TEN YEARS!!!! Who doesn't want her secret? I asked. The answer cut my heart into pieces. She simply said, "I got saved and have been full of joy ever since."

After further conversation I discovered something. It wasn't that she didn't wake up on some days and feel sad. It was that she made a conscious choice every single day to not walk according to her feelings, but according to the truth of God's Word. This woman told me that she makes a choice when tears fall from her eyes with or without reason. Her choices were to lose that day to her emotions, or to decide to make the best of day, controlling her feelings with fact.

How many days have I lost because I decided to feel without any management? How many have you lost? Like Eufreda, we can choose not to lose a whole day to emotions. She said she's had sad moments, but never a sad day. Let us learn...

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