Monday, August 4, 2008

Hope Found in Book, "The Rape of Innocence" by Lacresha Hayes

Not very long ago, I started the Lacresha Hayes Fan Club because of the message in her books and articles. Not once have I been disappointed with the effects of the book on readers. Recently, however, the book has taken on a new life of its own. I've been receiving tens and twenties of emails weekly about joining the fan club and meeting Lacresha personally. I even received some testimonies that touched my heart.

This book, The Rape of Innocence, has touched many hundreds of women. It has hope and strength by the tons. Lacresha's gentle approach for victims of all kinds of abuse is priceless. She deals with the hidden areas of battered and sexually abused women, and molested and abandoned children. None of those things are easy subjects to manuever through. But this woman does it with skill and care. She lovingly gives the reader permission that many wait on to hurt, to cry, to be angry, to feel betrayed, to feel anything period. This is what makes her a real hero. She cares!

Lacresha has been giving her books to various women and children shelters across the United States. No need to say, this is very expensive, but most of the people who need this book most cannot afford it. So, we're asking for those who can to help us by purchasing your copy. A portion of all proceeds go toward those that are given away. This is where everyone can play a major role in helping those that much of society has forgotten about.

You can get your autographed copy today at or visit your local bookstore and order it!


Debbie Todd said...

I've read the book and loooooved it.

Vicky Warren said...

Me too, Debbie. It was a great book.