Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Raw Redemption by Lacresha Hayes, Powerful Reading

I gave this book to my god-daughter last week. She's been complaining of a friend who was abused and was angry at the world, including God. I couldn't help but think about the character in this book, Cheyenne, who was also angry with God and those who tried to bring religion into her life.

Ramona found me today at the nursing home and told me about what happened. Since the book wasn't packaged as a Christian book, her friend took the book and devoured it during her shift (she's a security guard). Ramona said she cried and confessed that she'd never read about a character that resembled her more than Cheyenne. So, Jess is going to church with Ramona next Sunday night after her shift.

If you don't have this book, get it! It can be a great witnessing tool and aside from that, it's a great read that isn't preachy or over the top with religious jargon.

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