Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friends Matter- These Are Mine

My life has recently been even more enriched by various beautiful women on Facebook. They all bring such joy and cheer to my heart for their own sweet personalities and unique ways of serving God.
Joyce Scarbrough, an author and great friend. Supporting others is her strongest point. She doesn't yell Jesus, Jesus, Jesus all day in words, but her actions scream of his love and mercy. She's a great mom and wife and goes out of her way to make sure her family knows she's there for them. She's like a soccer mom/house wife/cheerleader/family chef/listening ear and comforting shoulder. She shows you Jesus.
Then there's Lacresha Hayes, a name become famous both here and all over the internet. She's an adorable little chocolate bunny full of wisdom, strength and power. She has a gentleness that shines from her eyes that makes her completely lovable and enduring. I love everything about my friend and consider her like a part of my family.
Next, there is Carolyn who posts everyday for us to find Jesus in our daily living. She is always ready with a prayer and scripture. Even in her own calamities, she turns it and waits on other people. She has a Mary heart in a Martha world, and encourages the same in each of us.
Then there is Chrishawn Simpson, a light-hearted, enjoyable sweetie who seems to find humor in everything. If laughter is medicine to the bones, then she is the nurse to apply it. I love her heart because though she'll never say it, she has a sensitive, tender heart, especially towards God. She reminds me of the scripture that says a wise woman builds her house. She's a builder of the joy of the Lord. What else could be more necessary?After that comes Samantha Jamison who is a fireball for God. She is so full of praise and glory that simply reading her words ignites the purest passion in you for Christ. I love this woman of honor and integrity because many days when depression would have overtaken me, I read her posts and was moved back into a place of expectation and gratefulness.

There are so many others of whom I wish I could post like Joanna Gravley, Nichole Gibbons Osborn, Lee Ann Ward, Jennifer Jones and the rest. But I mainly want to make the point that these women mean the world to me. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

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