Friday, February 5, 2010

Power Walk by Lacresha Hayes

Below is the guest post from Lacresha. Please take time to read it through. I was genuinely blessed by this post. Thank you, Lacresha.

I've been saved and preaching the gospel for a little over nine years now. While it hasn't been easy to maintain my faith and hang on to my calling, I wouldn't trade a single part of my walk. I've walked this walk afraid, timid and shy. I've walked it in confusion. I've walked it through sin and temptation. I've been both on top and on bottom and at almost every level in the middle. Even so, I call my walk a power walk. Here's why.

Everything that has ever hurt me has turned out to be for my good, to empower me and others through the grace of God given to me. Every time I fell into sin, which was much more than a few times, I came through it stronger with a better understanding of God's Word. I've also had times when I denied myself to the point of tears to later see the glorious reward for self-denial. Praise God!

Many people want to be empowered, to have authority over various aspects of life, but power costs big. Sometimes, it means you have to experience turmoil so that you'll understand how to get out of it. Sometimes, it means going through pain so that you can empathize with others. I've seen things and experienced things that hurt me and damaged me, but I'm grateful to God that it was only for my making. This is my power walk.

I can boldly say I have authority over lust because I've fallen into and wallowed in it before. I know what it looks like, smells like, feels like and how hard it is to get free. I can boldly say that I have authority over sickness because I've been to the point of death many times but God has shown me that healing is real through my illnesses. What I went through may have hurt and maybe even embarrassed me, but the end result was power. That's beautiful in and of itself because some people suffer worse than I did but came out the other end with nothing to show for it. I don't want that to ever be me and the only way to ensure that is to walk with God.

I encourage you all to walk with God, no matter where that walk may take you. Keep ahold of His hand, even if you are in the middle of sin or trials or temptation. No matter how it feels or how it looks, keep praying and keep believing God, keep confessing that you'll come out better and empowered and you will. Protect your power walk and remember that all the suffering is worth the end result!

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Debbie Todd said...

I feel so much better after reading this. I will hold my head up no matte what

Kim said...

In all my years and all my struggles and heartaches I never understood that God was empowering me. I never understood that God was getting glory. I never saw the fruit grow on the branches. Praise You Jesus, one day He opened my eyes and showed me that holding on to Faith meant holding on to Him and He never lets go! Even when we don't see Him in the moment, when we look back He is so clearly with us in each step.