Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Serving God, Even with a Disability

It's no secret that I am mute. Like anyone with a major disability, there are times when I want to cry and feel sorry for myself because I miss so many things. There is nothing on earth like words, especially heartfelt ones. I often wish I could say so much to my children, but my emails, notes, letters will have to do.

I've met many disabled Christians and I have to speak for us all - we are happily serving God, disabilities and all, and we don't need pity or even sympathy. We only need be reminded that no matter how bad things are, they could be worse. Praise God that I can hear and see and walk.

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human about said...

Serving god not only a must, but also a need. Great blog, I added u in my link list, would u add me too. Thanx