Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Your Support System

Do you have a support system?

In these times, being a part of a local church can be the best thing in the world. I'm not really one for those large churches where the pastor doesn't know your name, but for smaller family oriented churches. Those churches can be your lifeblood when you're ill or down in the dumps. The pastor and ministers come by and check on you, pray with you and often those churches have funds available to the needy in the church and community.

Other support systems include our families. Families have problems sometimes but they are still family. We need to understand that and learn to love our family past petty issues. Be there for one another and provide support when needed. My family is rather large because my mother had 4 sisters and 5 brothers. They all had at least two children. I make it a habit to email or send cards to family when I can. I stay in touch so they'll know I'm here if they need me.

Develop a support system because the time is near when you'll need one.

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