Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Family Gives Great Comfort

Let the love of your family comfort you. I have a friend who couldn't have children. Now in her old age, she's alone. Her husband has been dead for nearly 12 years. She has no children or grandchildren to check on her and see to her needs.

I often send my children by her home to make sure she's okay. When I can get out, I go by there since she's only a few houses down. My husband don't let me out of the house much because I'm mute. He tries to go everywhere with me. But, his over-protective attitude brings me comfort. I know he loves and supports me. For that, I'm grateful to God.

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conarnold said...

I so agree that family are a tremendous comfort and blessing! Just returned from visiting with my daughter and her 3 little boys, I miss them so much since we are far apart. How thoughtful of you to send yours to check on the neighbor without children! I enjoy reading your posts!